People are Offended By The John Lewis Christmas Advert

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For Christmas lovers everywhere, the John Lewis Christmas Advert brightening out screens with smiles & snow is the first checkpoint toward the Christmas countdown. However, this years advert has seen sparks fly.

With over 5.7 Million views on Facebook by 11AM, there are very few people who are yet to check out Buster in full swing. But some people aren’t particular happy with the award winning company this year.

The John Lewis Christmas Advert this years features Buster the Boxer, who is a popular hashtag at over 3M hits on Twitter. Buster lovingly watches his sister bounce on all the furniture. We then see Dad assembling a trampoline for his daughter, Bridget, in the back garden on Christmas eve. And to say the least, some people are very disappointed.


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Parents across the UK have complained that when children watch the ad, the magic of Christmas will be ruined. A swarm of parents supporting the ad, now known as a ‘Christmas Tradition’ in the UK, were quick to come together with solutions and suggestions on how the issue can be dealt with. Some suggested that Santa had dropped off the climbing frame for dad to put together, others suggested their children should know that some presents are from Mum and Dad.

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Most agree that children will be so thrilled by the bouncing animals on this year’s John Lewis Christmas Advert, that they will barely even notice who put the trampoline.


Another point people are making is that very few of us cried at this years ad. A particularly comical commented pointed out how let down she felt after watching the John Lewis Christmas Advert.

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What do you think about this year’s ad? Let us know on Facebook & Twitter. Oh… and Merry Christmas.


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