10 Reasons We’re Super Excited For Christmas

Christmas is coming, much faster than we think! It’s a perfectly reasonable time to start getting excited. There’s so much going on, there has to be something each and every one of us love about the happiest time of year! Dust off your baubles Manchester, because next week, the Christmas Countdown begins!

1 – Food

Christmas dinner

And it’s not even just the roast dinner either. Somehow, throughout December, it becomes perfectly acceptable to constantly stuff your face. There’s tonnes of ‘limited addition’ meals and snacks that become available everywhere, but only for the next few weeks. Then, the following weeks after Christmas, it’s time to finish eating all the Chocolate and other Christmas leftovers knocking around.

2 – Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

Everything lights up! It’s difficult to not feel constantly happy when everywhere you turn there’s sparkles & lights. It definitely boosts your mood if you’re used to setting off in the dark & coming home in the dark.

3 – Christmas Music

christmas music

As soon as we hear those jingle bells it’s difficult to not want to move. Michael Bublé & Frank Sinatra albums start appearing everywhere again and the world feels like everything is as it should be.

4 – Christmas Ads

Christmas Ad

John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and not to mention the Coca-Cola ad. As soon the big red lorry hits the screens, Christmas is coming – it’s a fact.

5 – Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

Whether your favourite is the brains in Home Alone, the whit in The Grinch, the romance in Love Actually or the guns in Die Hard. We all have a soft spot for a Christmas favourite or two.

6 – Time Off Work

Christmas time off

If you’re blessed enough to be in a job in which you get regular time off, you’ll know how blessed we feel when we take our 100% guilt-free holidays over Christmas. Time where you don’t feel as much need to be using it valuably – you can do pretty much what ever pleases you.

7 – Wrapping Gifts

Christmas Gifts

There’s something oddly satisfying about this ‘chore’. By the end of it you decide you’re absolutely a professional gift wrapper.

8 – Advent Calendars

Christmas Countdown

More guilt free food. Better yet – chocolate. Even better yet – Chocolate which is acceptable to eat in the morning. It is tempting to empty every window in one sitting, though.

9 – Putting the Tree up

Christmas Tree

If you’re the one responsible for putting that tree up & decorating it. That’s your pride and joy now. For the next few weeks, this is the biggest project of your life. Everyone who steps foot in your house must know who created that masterpiece.

10 – Shopping

Christmas Shopping

For gifts or on the Christmas markets, or both. This one’s got to be one of the best. This is a time when almost every aspect of the best parts of Christmas come together. The music, the lights, the trees, the food, then you get to go home, wrap the gifts, eat more food. Christmas truly is the best time of year.

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